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Does Tertiary Tuition Provide any Degree of Help?

Once students enter the hallowed halls of polytechnics and universities, they have to immediately acclimatise to the new learning pace, direction and rigour. Lectures are fast-paced and assignments come with tight deadlines. Some courses and modules have heavily weighted examinations and the revision of topics is an individual responsibility. With packed schedules, professors and lecturers do not provide personal coaching or additional academic help. As such, private Diploma/Degree tuition is extremely beneficial to polytechnic and university students. Private Diploma/Degree tutors understand the academic demands and offer strategic revision planning for the semester-end exams. Private Diploma/Degree tuition is popular in Singapore, as it gives a boost to the Grade Point Average (GPA) for many students who need extra help to cope with their tests and assignments. A commendable GPA is still widely regarded as the gateway to a promising and well-paid career. 


Charting the Right Course 


At this juncture of their academic journey, students have these thoughts circling their minds:

  • Which tertiary institute should I apply for?
  • What courses/major should I specialise in?
  • What are the types of prospective jobs associated with my polytechnic/university course?
  • Will I be able to perform well and graduate with merit/honours?


These are crucial considerations that may determine a student’s career prospects and trajectory. Choosing a tertiary course is similar to picking out a career. Some jobs require industry-specific knowledge and skill sets. These specialised sectors include Engineering, Sciences, Medicine and Banking. Graduates from an incompatible diploma or degree may be disadvantaged and limited to other industries. Since students are older in age, they are more capable of making independent choices at this stage. This warrants the concerns of many parents who want to respect their children’s aspirations while ensuring their best interests. As such, parents constantly wonder how to advise their children to ensure that they are well-equipped for the competitive labour market. 

3 Considerations when Choosing Course and Career 

Polytechnics and universities have notably different curriculum structures, objectives and offerings. Before advising your children, it would be good for parents to consider the following:


  1. What are their career ambitions?

Parents should consider the subjects that their child has consistently performed well in primary and secondary school. This is usually indicative of their interest and can help narrow down the choices from the plethora of course offerings.   


  1. Which course should they choose for their desired career?

As noted above, there are specific fields that require specific academic background and training. This should inform your child’s decision as graduates are sometimes filtered based on their majors. If your child is uncertain about their career, it is advisable to consider law, business administration or arts and design courses. 


  1. How passionate are they about their choice?

Passion is the most important factor because it will carry your child through their course of studies. Students who fall out of interest in their studies will waste their time and school fees. In  this particular stage of the education system, students have to be self-motivated and have a keen interest in building their careers. 


Why A Good GPA = Gateway to Promising Ambitions  

The traditional tertiary route typically meant going to a university and attaining a degree. With today’s diversified educational landscape, students can choose other institutions and attain the corresponding qualification. A good academic achievement and qualification is still the foremost requirement in any job listing. Despite ministerial efforts to recognise skills as a ‘premium’, companies still rely on traditional markers of achievement, such as academic qualifications. As noted in a 2019 Channel NewsAsia article, hiring employees without suitable academic qualifications boils down to the companies ‘risk appetite’. Graduates without a good academic standing are seen as a ‘risk’ to companies and may not be able to get the job. This is a concern for most graduates in an increasingly competitive labour market. Thus, maintaining a good academic track record when pursuing a diploma or degree should not be overlooked. Having Private Diploma/Degree tuition can significantly help in this regard! At Nanyang Academics, we offer a wide range of specialisation at the diploma and degree level.


How to Perform Well in Polytechnic and University

Doing well in polytechnic and university can be quite different. Polytechnics in Singapore prioritize the honing of relevant skills and providing industrial experience. Students with more technical inclinations and a desire to gain industry exposure should consider going to a polytechnic. To attain a good GPA in polytechnic, students focus on honing their technical skills through a variety of assessments, including a mid-semester and semester-end examination.


Universities, on the other hand, require students to be familiar with theoretical knowledge in order to do well. The syllabus is academically rigorous and requires students to expand their inquiry and deepen their understanding. Students have to spare no effort if they want to attain satisfactory results for every semester. 


Whether it is a 3-year polytechnic or 4-year university course, students should strive for a balance and maintain their stamina in the years spent in these institutions. The Grade Point Average is cumulative which means consistency is important. Private Diploma/Degree tuition can help make the most of tertiary education by reinforcing and complementing lessons. This is highly advantageous as students will reap better academic results, kickstarting a promising career in their desired field. 


The 3 Merits of Private Diploma/Degree Tuition:

Just as tuition is a staple in primary and secondary school, the merits of private Diploma/Degree tuition should not be discounted! A good diploma or degree can make all the difference when it comes to being employed in the future. These are the 3 main benefits:


  1. Competitive Edge for Job Application 

Applying for a job does not need to be a concern if you performed decently throughout your course of studies. Employers value consistency and tenacity, values which are inculcated through sustained academic performance. Employers recognize the competitive climate in tertiary institutions and those that show the ability to thrive in such a setting reflects well on them and their application. Diploma/Degree tutoring can help you improve and sustain good grades to ensure that students have good employment prospects in leading companies in various fields!


  1. Good Preparation for Examination 

Exams are a stress-filled, hair-pulling, binge-eating time for students. Students feel more anxious particularly when they do not have the time or means to prepare for them properly. Some students have the tendency to pull all-nighters to prepare for their exams. However, this may cost them greatly as their focus is limited by the lack of sleep. Diploma tutoring can help students prepare for their exams better, allowing them to get sufficient sleep and to perform well without any worries. 


  1. Graduate with Merit/Honours 

With improved grades from private Diploma/Degree tuition, students will be able to graduate with special distinctions to note their academic achievements. If private tuition is sought early, students will have a better chance of being added to the prestigious Dean’s List, in addition to being awarded with other scholarships. Students who show consistency in their results may also consider pursuing a masters and PhD later on in life, securing a position in the promising field of academia. 


Acing Job Interviews: Highlight Abilities, not Achievements!

Etsy’s Product Manager, Jason Shen’s TED Talk

In this short but insightful session, university graduate Jason Shen gives his two cents of hiring biases. He pursued two degrees in biology but became a product manager for a renowned tech company. Shen addresses employment concerns of fresh graduates and how they can better shape their resumes. Based on preliminary research, he shares invaluable tips on how graduates can make themselves more attractive beyond their outstanding academic performance. 


Nanyang Academics – The GPA (Good Private Academic) Tutor Provider

At Nanyang Academics, we believe in lifelong learning. Private home tuition is advantageous and should be not limited to primary and secondary school going years. Polytechnic and university studies are rigorous and having tuition can significantly relieve significant pressure. The environment is more competitive and students should devote every resource to ensure good grades. Private diploma/degree tuition is a prized resource, helping students to reach their goals and confidently perform to the best of their abilities.


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