Getting that Improvement in Results Back

Getting that Improvement in Results

Every parent wants their child to improve within school. They want their child to be able to meet their current targets and also know how to move forward to improve and go beyond their current target level. The question is what steps can be put in place to try and improve and then therefore move forward? 

1) Targets 

The first and most important step is to set targets; these can be establish by talking with your child's teacher or to set your own personal targets that you feel your son/daughter needs to improve upon. Take note of progress reports from the school, what subjects are causes for concern and which subjects potential hold the strengths for higher grades to be achieved. The idea now is to try and replicate these strengths across all subjects to help to maintain progress. 

2) Participation in learning 

Just as targets are important to see where your son/daughter is in their current academic portfolio for a particular subject. It is important to realise how well they are participating in learning. 

This would mean: 

1. Are the pupils behaving appropriately? 

2. Do they create a positive ethos and encourage their friends to continue with their work? 

3. Are they fantastic with group work and helpful when others are in need? 

4. Another important factor is the attendance; a pupil cannot have a good participation in learning if they are not in school for their lessons. 

5. When we have established that participation in learning is currently or improved to good or outstanding then will see an improvement in their current target grades.    

3) Balance of rest and work 

It is also important to find a balance between work and rest; you have to know how to prioritise as there are certain times in the week which your child will be better suited to either resting or working. Too much rest will tend to have a negative response where your child would develop no motivation and will look upon any task as being too much. On the other hand too much work and you would not be doing them any favours by risking burnout. Therefore, a balanced life of work and rest would be ideal in creating sustainable progress in results and in school.

4) Tutoring 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela 

Like Nelson Mandela, we believe very strongly in education. As Nelson Mandela stated it can be used to change the world for a greater good. Tutoring should be looked upon as an investment; something which you should feel is worth the risk as it provides an opportunity for your son/daughter to be taught about a subject which does not involve some of the distractions that school could potentially bring.