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Concerns about Online Tuition  

The current health pandemic of 2020 has disrupted the education of millions of children around the world. These disruptions will undoubtedly have knock-on effects for years to come. In Singapore, most school and tuition lessons have migrated online via Home-Based Learning (HBL). We are fortunate to be a digitally-literate and technologically-advanced country, capable of ensuring that learning is minimally affected. 


The top question on every mind when it comes to online learning – “Is it effective for learning?” For those who are unfamiliar with online tutoring, it is a well-warranted concern. However, online tutoring is becoming the new norm as Singapore and the Ministry of Education leverages technological advancements, such as the high internet penetration rates and the emergence of online conferencing tools.


So, does online tuition work? It definitely does! It allows you to connect with the right tutor for you, instead of the nearest one. With online tutoring, private tuition agencies in Singapore can find the best tutor for your child, no matter your place of residence. Online tuition is also a time-saving, money-saving method of learning if your child has other extracurricular commitments. 

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Compelling Reason for Seeking an Online Tutor 

Having an online tutor for any subject is important to complement ongoing Home-Based Learning efforts by the Ministry of Education. These are some important factors you should consider:

  • National examinations, such as PSLE, GCE ‘N’ Level, GCE ‘O’ Level & GCE ‘A’ Level, are essential and will still continue 
  • Current Circuit Breaker (CB) measures may extend beyond May
  • Keeping the momentum of daily learning and revision is crucial
  • Almost all forms of learning at every level have moved online 
  • Free technological tool minimizes disruption and strives to to provide quality learning


3 Steps to Get Started!

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To begin with Online Tuition with Nanyang Academics, follow the three simple steps illustrated above. We understand that the technical aspects of setting up a virtual session can cause distress. Please rest assured that we will offer helpful instructions and relevant resources to you ahead of your first lesson. Furthermore, our tutors have been adequately educated on how to conduct online lessons.


How Online Tuition Lessons are Conducted

Once you are satisfied with our shortlisted online tutor, we can begin! Online learning can take place anytime, anywhere with relative ease! There are only two main requisites – a device (desktop, laptop or tablet) with a camera and a stable wifi connection. Parents will need a device to run a video-conferencing website or application. The camera allows the tutor to check and correct your child's work and to gauge his grasp and attention based on facial cues. A stable wifi connection is helpful so that live-streaming runs smoothly on devices.


Recently, the most commonly used platform for Home-Based Learning (HBL) is Zoom. A small drawback for this popular application is that it requires users to reconnect every 40 minutes. If you would like to avoid this small hassle, The Verge recommends other longer-lasting alternatives such as Webex, Google Meet and Skype. These are free-to-use video conferencing online applications that allow you to video call your tutor. There are many more options and the ultimate decision rests with you. Parents can choose the application that they are more comfortable and familiar with. Our tutors are tech-savvy and will be able to accommodate your choice of platform.


It’s Close to Actual Classroom Learning!

Online lessons resemble many aspects of actual in-classroom learning. Some application features include a virtual whiteboard, which tutors can use like a normal classroom whiteboard to write on as part of the teaching methods. Tutors can also share their screens with students, to allow them to see the topic and content being taught. Enhanced with visual and audio communication capabilities, your online class will be as good as a face-to-face one. 



Ensuring Safety and Security Online

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If your child is 12 years old or younger, we recommend that you sit in on the first digital lesson. This will allow you to monitor how well your child is adapting to this mode of learning. Unlike in a live setting, attending the first digital lesson is convenient and does not potentially distract your child. However, with online tuition, you can observe the lesson discreetly and make a fair assessment. The use of web applications for online learning does have a learning curve. Parents and students should understand that it will take some adjustment time before the full benefits can be reaped. 


3 Main Benefits of Online Tuition

There are many draws to online tuition. These 3 main benefits below show why it is essential to hop on the online tuition bandwagon!


  1. Engagement and Interaction

Children are extremely tech-savvy and digitally-literate. Psychologically, children relate the online environment with fun and interactive activities. Online tuition is no different and harnesses tools and features of the various platforms to provide an interesting lesson. Some of these features include the ability to add colour, drawing and video. Virtual whiteboards and screen-sharing allows for explanation of workings and methods to be conveyed. 


  1. Convenience and Cost Savings 

Online tuition is highly convenient! Students and parents only need to switch on a device when it’s time for lesson. There is absolutely no commuting time, sparing you the hassle of picking up and dropping off your children for lessons.This translates into substantial savings on travel fare as well! Older children who travel to their tutor’s homes or centre themselves, save their energy and the time taken to settle down when they reach. This also means that, rain or shine, your child will not be late to lessons, losing out on paid lesson time. Online learning is immediate and every second and dollar is dedicated to improving your child’s grades all in the comfortable and familiar environment of your home!  


  1. Recordings and Revision

One of the biggest advantages of online tuition is the record function on most web-conferencing applications. Currently, you can record your online tuition sessions on Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. This means that your child can revise the lesson themselves, or replay the video if they need any clarification or refresher. These recorded lessons are useful materials for productive revision right before the examinations! It also allows parents to monitor the quality of content provided by tutors.


Envisioning the Future: E-Tuition for Every Child

An opinion piece from Today Online suggests the popular trend of Online Tuition or e-tuition is likely to stay! Just as other industries have been disrupted by digital platforms, brick-and-mortar tuition centres may become obsolete as parents and students opt for private Online Tuition in Singapore. In this digital age, we should capitalize on technology to bring about better quality and convenience when it comes to education. 


Nanyang Academics: How to Begin your Online Tuition

At Nanyang Academics, we are committed to ensuring that your child’s transition to online tuition is seamless. Nanyang Academics’ online tutors are experienced, professional and can definitely guide your child well in the 1-to-1 online lessons.


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