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P1 to P3 Years

Lower Primary School Tuition (Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3)

The subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency offer for our Lower Primary students are:

•    English Tuition
•    Math Tuition
•    Science Tuition
•    Chinese Tuition
•    Higher Chinese Tuition
•    Malay Tuition
•    Tamil Tuition

Indicative Tuition Rates:  
Diploma/University Undergraduates:                 $20-25/hour
Graduates (Full Time Tutor/Part Time Tutor):            
MOE School Teachers/Former School Teachers:                    $50-60/hour

Your child's academic education begins as he or she enters primary one. They are introduced with systematic rules and regulations in schools, stricter discipline, longer school hours and the need for them to become independent in many areas. Most essentially, primary students have to start grappling with the overloading content and assessments from the various subjects (mainly, English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue for lower primary levels, whilst Science is introduced at the Primary 3 level). All these factors no doubt bring a certain degree of stress and anxiety for both parents and children alike. 
As a result, there is often a great reliance on primary school teachers to handle the child’s well-being and school performance, especially due to the modern day parents’ busy work schedule.
Eventually, parents may resort to engaging home tutors to facilitate their child’s learning. Some of these parents have the intention to help their children cope better in school, while others serve to give their children a better competitive edge among their peers. Nonetheless, home tuition basically serves to relieve parents and students of some of the many stress faced from the academic challenges in school.

It is the best time to introduce personalized home tuition service to your child when he/she enters the elementary or lower primary level.
Below are some of the benefits to providing home tuition for lower primary students:
•    Ideally, home tutors will try to cover content ahead of school, so that the child can cope better when introduced new topics in schools.
•    For weaker students however, home tutors will allocate more time touching on the student’s weaker topics and giving them more assessment practices.
•    Occasionally, home tutors will also administer overall revisions with the child, whereby several topics are simultaneously being covered and assessed once again – this is especially done during the school holidays or when approaching the end of the year, when all topics have already been covered. Such overall revisions serve to strengthen the child’s understanding and memory of what have already been learnt, so that they can perform better and more confidently as they proceed to higher levels.
•    Home tuition is a specialized service, whereby tutors can cater to the academic needs of the students with much flexibility. On one hand, parents and students can effectively communicate their concerns and needs to the tutor. On the other hand, tutors can in turn craft lesson plans customized to the child’s weaknesses. For instance, tutors can provide more illustrations/elaborations, help the child in writing extensive notes and provide more assessment practices to help the child improve on topics they are weaker in.
Thus, it is beneficial to introduce home tuition in the children’s curriculum, since they are at the lower primary levels, due to the drastic new challenges they are exposed to when they enter primary schools. Home tuition introduced at the lower primary levels also serve to build a strong foundation for the child, such that they can cope better with the greater academic demands at the upper primary levels. This is not only crucial for the child’s academic development, but it also provides the child with a greater sense of confidence and competency at schools.

Sitting for the AEIS Exam? 

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Singapore. It’s held around September/October every year for foreign international students keen in joining our local Primary and Secondary schools in January the following year.
This is the perfect opportunity to get your child adapted to the education system in Singapore. The exercise focuses on 2 main subjects, English and Mathematics. It is crucial for your child to do well in the tests to secure a seat in a good local school. Without proper guidance, your child might not know what to expect in this exercise as standards may vary in different countries.
At Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency, we provide tutors who specialise in English and Mathematics to help your child meet with our local standards. We cater to both Primary and Secondary international students. Furthermore, all our tutors have been through the local school system. Therefore, they would know what it’s like and what to expect as well. Also, they will be more than willing to share their experiences with your child.
We sincerely recommend you to take up a tutor for your child. Perhaps you might only be looking for one on a short term basis, but at least give it a try still as your child may get used to our tutors’ teaching methods and request to continue on as they progress through Primary and Secondary school.
It is important to note that the education system here may be considered competitive and quite stressful to some. This might result in a cultural shock to our fellow international students. However, with the proper head start, we are certain that your child will be able to overcome it.