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A Stepping Stone to Success

Aristotle mused that “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Aristotle was a great philosopher of his age but he didn’t do it alone – he had Plato’s help and tutelage! All the great minds from history have benefited from positive and fruitful tutors, placing them on their path to success! At Nanyang Academics, our private tuition agency aims to pair your child with a nurturing private tutor to bring better grades into fruition! 


Turning to Tuition Provides a Head Start

Singapore has been dubbed as the ‘Tuition Nation’ and private tuition has helped in raising our literacy and education standards. Private tuition is seen as an educational resource, helping students to grasp key concepts and to nip any misunderstanding in the bud.


The transition from pre-school to primary school remains as one of the biggest challenges in every child’s life. Students are expected to maintain consistency in all subjects – English, Mathematics and Mother Tongue – at the lower primary level. Science is later introduced at Primary 3, adding on to their already demanding workload. Coupled with extracurricular activities, continual and semestral assessments, the sum of all these factors contribute to stress and anxiety for all stakeholders – parents, children and their school teachers. In the local context, proven academic prowess is important and so the pressure for students to perform in such a academically rigorous environment is constant. 


These are the top 3 reasons why private primary school tuition is requested for:

1     Your child is unable to cope up with the academic rigour and is underperforming in comparison to his classmates.

2     Your child is performing reasonably well, but you would like to give them a competitive edge over the others. 

3     Your busy life leaves little to no time for teaching and reinforcing concepts and learning takeaways taught in school.


Parents have increasingly relied on the expertise of tutors to ensure that their children perform consistently well in their subjects without direct supervision required by today’s busy parents. In this regard, an effective tutor makes all the difference by ensuring that your child continues to strive and thrive in an academically challenging environment.


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Understanding Core Subject Requirements



To perform well in the educational system, a working understanding of the structure, rationale and testing objectives of subjects is imperative. At the primary school level, these are the subjects and their respective challenges.



Language experts agree that language acquisition should be done at an early age. Having English tuition will help students pick up a language organically through constant reading and writing. An English tutor corrects improper usage of English and upholds standard English. With the additional practice through tuition, students will be able to exercise the use and expression of standard English. Some of the key components of English assessment include spelling, writing and comprehension. 



Spelling is a vital part of grammar and a student can be marked down for misspelled words.  It is important to correct these mistakes early in order to prevent them from recurring in their examinations. Spelling exercises also expand the student’s vocabulary, allowing them to acquire new words to express more complicated points of expression and thought. In addition to proper spelling it is also important to ensure that the child is aware of the pronunciation and meaning of the spelling words. 



Students are also taught the proper expression of language, correct grammar usage and relevant content for Creative Writing and Composition. Except for the oral component,  writing skills are assessed in practically all the other remaining components. 



English tutors also teach students various skills in which they can better comprehend a given passage or article. Tutors provide guidance to them in their understanding of the comprehension questions. They also strengthen their ability to identify the answers from the passage and express the answers accurately.



Mathematics is a subject that deals with the logic of shape and arrangement. Students need to comprehend the concepts and the calculation methods through doing exercises, so that they can gain an appreciation of the application as opposed to blindly performing formulas. Understanding the different concepts can be daunting, particularly for those who require more assistance to understand concepts. With the right guidance and motivations, your child will gain his or her confidence in no time.



To excel in science, students will require a strong understanding of scientific facts, concepts and principles, with a focus on process skills and answering techniques for free-response questions. Students need extensive practice in pictorial, tabular and graphical analysis, and experiment-based and application questions. Having a primary school science tutor can significantly help your child in understanding how different processes interplay with each other.  


Mother Tongue

Bilingualism has always been a cornerstone in Singapore society. Whether it is Mandarin, Malay or Tamil, language acquisition should start at a younger age, when the mind is more fertile and capable of forming language associations. Learning languages acquires lots of patience and effort. Reading and writing skills are vital and is what parents seek the most help with. By engaging a mother tongue tutor can also help your child by tuning into his or her preferred learning style and working with your child to develop specific strategies on how to develop good work practices to learn mother tongue efficiently. 


Keeping Up with Changes in the Educational Landscape

With the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s introduction of Subject-Based Banding, students are now taking subjects at levels pitched at their ability. This change grants schools the autonomy to band their students according to the student’s different needs and pace. Despite the replacement of  streaming practices with subject-based banding in primary schools, upper primary students still face the pressure to perform academically so as to be promoted to a higher-performing band. Given the struggle to stay abreast in the educational system, every parent should spend every available resource and tuition is a great way to help students thrive in their formative education. 


Preparing for PSLE Starts Here!  


The primary school journey culminates with the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Ask any teacher in Singapore and they will tell you that PSLE preparation should start as early as possible! The PSLE examination rigorously tests students on knowledge that they have acquired from lower primary to upper primary. This essentially means that your child needs to consolidate knowledge that they have accumulated in their 6 years of primary school. Having tuition at an earlier age means that they have all the building blocks needed to ensure optimal results for PSLE. Consistency is the key here and having a reliable and effective tutor will help your child achieve their fullest academic potential!


6 Benefits of Having a Private Home Tutor 

Learning does not end when your child physically leaves the school compound. School homework is regularly assigned and is meant to be completed after school. Having a private home tutor is definitely a resource however, they do not merely supervise homework completion. They provide the following benefits:


1.     As a personalized service, private home tuition gives the child a platform to express questions and doubts that can receive quality answers from the tutors.

2.     Nanyang Academics tutors always give more importance to the weak students. They allocate extra classes and extra time per class to touch on the weak subjects of the students.

3.     Tutors are available during holidays as well and provide comprehensive revision sessions for the students to further strengthen their understanding of what has already been taught.

4.     Nanyang Academics tutors for primary school is a specialized service and offers a good degree of flexibility to both parents and students. Unlike a school setting, students and parents can both open up and easily share their concerns with the teachers without hesitation.

5.     Quality and effective tuition compliments and fill in understanding gaps

6.     Flexible teaching schedule provides convenience and aligns with the student’s schedule


A good academic track record can boost the 3’C’s – Confidence, Competence and Creativity! The sense of accomplishment derived from their academic excellence improves their self-esteem and pushes their aspirations further in the future! 


If any of these benefits have struck a chord, it’s time to reach out to us! With our help, every child can realise his fullest academic potential!


Tried, Tested and Trusted: Nanyang Academics Tutors! 

Whether it is English, Math, Science, Chinese, Malay or Tamil tuition for Primary School, Nanyang Academic is the solution to your tuition needs. As an established and trusted private tuition agency, we aim on successfully matching our students with the most suitable and qualified tutors. We are dedicated to providing quality tuition by pairing your child with our experienced and effective primary school tutors. 


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