The Junior College Years Back

The Junior College Years

Junior College life leading up to the  A Levels (JC 1 and JC 2) 

Below are the subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency offer for our JC students are: 

H1 GP - General Paper Tuition
H1 Math Tuition
H2 Math Tuition
H3 Math Tuition
H2 Principle of Accounts (POA) Tuition
H1 Physics Tuition
H2 Physics Tuition
H3 Physics Tuition
H1 Chemistry Tuition
H2 Chemistry Tuition
H3 Chemistry Tuition
H1 Biology Tuition
H2 Biology Tuition
H3 Biology Tuition
H1 Chinese Tuition
H1 Malay Tuition
H1 Tamil Tuition
H1 Geography Tuition
H2 Geography Tuition
H1 History Tuition
H2 History Tuition
H1 Economics
H2 Economics
H2 Literature Tuition
H1 Project Work
H1 Computing
H2 Management of Business (MOB)

Indicative Tuition Rates:  
Diploma/University Undergraduates:                         $45-55/hour
Graduates (Full Time Tutor/Part Time Tutor):            
MOE School Teachers/Former School Teachers:                           $90-140/hour


Entry into Junior College is accomplished through two routes, the O level's as well as through the Integrated Progamme at the end of 4 years. It is a big step transitioning to JC from a Secondary school. Unlike the O levels, where students have 4 years to prepare, the (GCE) ‘A’ (Advanced) Levels Examination is condensed into 2 years, which means that students are often under tremendous stress to prepare within 2 years for the exams.

Entry into a good University or a good course in our 4 local Universities (NUS, NTU, SMU & SUTD), hinges on the performance of the student in the 'A' Levels exams. Typically, students gain entry using the best three H2 based subjects and one H1 subject. The H1 subject can be Project Work (PW), General Paper (GP) or Knowledge & Inquiry (KI). Other combinations can also be four H2 subjects in lieu of the H1 subject. The A level's is likely to be the most important exam that will determine a student's career path as it directly leads to a University course subsequently. As such, its importance cannot be underlooked.

Private JC tuition can be useful in order to brush up on your child's foundation. Typically, students require help in the H2 subjects, and the most common combinations are H2 Economics, H2 Physics, H2 Math,H2 Biology and H2 Chemistry. There are also other subject combinations pertaining to the Arts, such as H2 History, H2 Geography or H2 Literature. These are popular sought after subjects for tuition as it allows them to score well for the A levels.

Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency provides most comprehensive database for you to start your search for a JC Tutor. We provide tutors who are undergraduates at the local universities who have done well for the A levels, as well as Graduates who have graduated and majored in a subject such as Economics, Chemistry, Engineering (Physics) or the life sciences (Biology). These tutors can bring specialization in the subject for your child. Nanyang Academics provides JC teachers as well for home tuition. They are selected from a range of JCs in Singapore, and can provide 1-1 as well as home group tuition for a group of JC students. We are confident that you would be able to get a specialized JC teacher through us, and we also provide tuition for private candidates looking to retake their A levels as a private candidate.