The Upper Secondary School Years Back

The Upper Secondary School Years

Tuition for Upper Secondary School Home Tuition (Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5). This are for students in the IP-stream, N & O'levels. 
The subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency offer for our Upper Secondary students are:

English Tuition
Elementary Math Tuition
Additional Math Tuition
Principle of Accounts (POA) Tuition
Pure Physics Tuition
Pure Chemistry Tuition
Pure Biology Tuition
Combined Physics/Chemistry Tuition
Combined Biology/Chemistry Tuition
Combined Physics/Biology Tuition
Chinese Tuition
Higher Chinese Tuition
Malay Tuition
Tamil Tuition
Pure Geography Tuition
Pure History Tuition
Combined History/Social Studies Tuition
Combined Geography/Social Studies Tuition
Literature Tuition
Economics Tuition
Art Tuition


Indicative Tuition Rates:    
Diploma/University Undergraduates:                 $30-35/hour  
Graduates (Full Time Tutor/Part Time Tutor):            
MOE School Teachers/Former School Teachers:                     $65-80/hour  

The ‘O’ Level Examinations one of the milestones in your child's life as it determines if he or she will enter a Junior College, Polytechnic or an Institute of Technical Education.  As such. we are more than willing to provide that extra support needed by providing guidance in various secondary subjects especially for Math and Sciences (Physics/Chemistry/Biology) as they can constitute a higher weightage in the L1R5 or L1. We have home tutors who specialise in certain subjects and others who are capable in both fields. 
Here are the reasons why you consider tuition in Secondary School:
Firstly, as your child advanced from Primary school to Secondary school, the difficulty level increases significantly as well, extra help might be needed to overcome the difficulties that your child might face. Your child might also be feeling stressed about the transition from Primary to Secondary school. Finally, we believe that through guidance, your child may feel more confident and assured in tackling the stresses and demands placed by his school. 

Taking the O Level Examinations: 

The (GCE) ‘O’ Levels Examination represents the most significant exam for our secondary school students. It is sat by all secondary 4 express and secondary 5 normal academic students. For most students, it will decide whether he or she qualifies for the Junior College (A level path) or a 3-year one at one of the local Polytechnics. For JC entry, L1R5 scores are used as a determinant, students should score no more than 20 points in order to be eligible. For admission into a Polytechnic, results would be based on the L1R4 scoring system, which takes count of one less subject as compared to a JC. It is their best 5 subject as opposed to their best 6. 

The O levels can be a stressful time for our students, Nanyang Academics has had experience introducing and recommending top tutors who have had proven track record in producing students who score A1s and A2s for the O levels. The attention and guidance as well as one-to-one consultation provided by the tutors can be very helpful in the final stages leading up to the paper. They can help your child build a strong foundation as well as clarify any lingering doubts. 

Taking the N level Examinations:
The  (GCE) ‘N’ (Normal) Levels are taken by all secondary 4 (NA) Normal academic and (NT) Normal technical stream students. It will determine if students proceed to Secondary 5 to sit for the O levels or should they be posted to an ITE for vocational training. 

Moving from Year 1 to 4 - High School (IP) to Junior College (JC):
Students who are in the IP system - Integrated Programme (IP) - have done well for the PSLE and can proceed on to their Junior College education without sitting for the O levels. Examples of such schools are Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Victoria School, National JC and Nanyang Girls High to name a few. Curriculum at IP-schools are often taught at a higher level as compared to neighbourhood schools and is also highly geared to preparation for the A levels. It will help to stretch students and provide greater breadth in their learning. We provide tutors for IP level students, many of these tutors are also able to follow through with them till the A levels in their respective H1/H2 subjects in their JC years.