For Parents/Students

You can call us at 98772966 or fill up a form here(link to request tutor), we will get back to you within 12 hours!

Upon request, tutors are instructed to bring along their most recent education transcripts and certificates on the 1st lesson. They are also made to upload their certificates for verification when registering with us.

There will be no charges incurred for lessons that students do not receive. If it is the first lesson between the tutor and you, do inform the tuition coordinator so he or she can reschedule the lesson for you. If not, inform the tutor about the situation and arrange a makeup lesson.

No you do not, our service is free of charge for parents and students!

No, as you may terminate the tutor's service anytime, you would only need to pay for the particular sessions taught by the tutor. Inform us and we would get you a replacement as soon as possible.

You can pay the tutor every fortnight or every month. Commission is levied on the tutor, not you. Fees are based on a 4 week basis. Nanyang Academics will collect commission from the tutor upon the 2nd week of lessons.

You can refer here(link to rates) for the average rates quoted by our tutors for the past 6 months. Note that tuition rates are quoted on an hourly basis and you can use our tuition calcuator to gauge a monthly fee based on the number of sessions in a month.

For Tutors

No, registration is free of charge.

You need to hold at least a local Polytechnic Diploma or an A level and above. Tutoring experience is a plus! We will only select the best to represent our agency as home tutors.

First, find out the exact location and directions using google maps or gothere.sg. You would want to be well prepared so that you can arrive punctually.

Prepare any notes or study materials which you have so as to faciliate your lesson with the student. You would need to provide a education transcript of your results or institute of study to show the parent or student. Good Luck!

You are obliged to commit to at least 4 weeks worth of lessons. At Nanyang Academics, we value tutor commitment and responsibility. It is only the right thing to do to let the parent or student know at least 2 weeks beforehand if you would like to terminate your services.

We collect 50% of the first 4 weeks fees which will be collected from you. Either way, you would only receive 50% of the first month's fee. In the event of lesson postponement, we would still collect 50% of the fee as commission. For example, you have taught 3 weeks, postponed it for a week, then continue again in the 5th week, commission will still be based on the 4 weeks in total that you've taught.

We will collect it from you on the 2nd week after tuition commences, which will be 50% of your first month's fee.

In the assignments tab, each assignment has a code prefix together with the coordinator-in-charge's number. You may text or call that coordinator to indicate your interest. We will notify you if you are selected.

Nanyang Academics reserves the right to pursue any loss fees owing to either the client or tutor by refering to the Small Claims Tribunal. Rest assured we would approach the matter with the interest of all parties in mind.

Yes it is, Nanyang Academics adheres to a strict code of conduct with regards to tutor and client information. Your information will be kept private.

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