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Terms & Condition

1. Eligibility

i) To register as a tutor with Nanyang Academics, you must be a Singapore Citizen/Singapore permanent resident or a Valid Employment Pass holder and at least 18 years of age.
ii) You need to have a minimum qualifications of an A'level certificate or a relevant Polytechnic Diploma to qualify as a tutor.

2. Registration

i) When registering with us, your information will be stored in our tutor database. Nanyang Academics has the right to use these information to market your services to any parents or students looking for tuition.
ii) You understand that all of your personal information is true and accurate and under no circumstance you are allowed to mislead customers under Nanyang Academics

3. First lesson

i) Upon confirmation of a tuition assignment, a representative from Nanyang Academics, namely, a coordinator, will notify you via an sms or a phone call to arrange a time and venue for the first lesson. You are expected to give the client a call to acknowledge this assignment.
ii) In the event you are unable to turn up for the assignment on the first lesson without a valid excuse, your services would be terminated and the assignment will be referred to another tutor.
iii) If you decide not to take up the assignment upon confirmation, you will need to give an advance notice of 72 hours(3 days). iv) On the first lesson, you must produce all necessary educational transcripts or documents to the student

4. Commission & Payment

i) Nanyang Academics will collect 50% of the first month's fee or first 4-weeks worth of tuition sessions rendered by the tutor, whichever is higher. This commission will be collected directly from the parent. As a result, do not collect 100% of your fees from the parent. An upfront deposit of 50% is to be collected upon confirmation of the assignment.
ii) If any lessons are cancelled during the first 4 weeks, the commission amount remains unchanged. We will still levy commission based on the amount of lessons agreed upon at the start.
For example, there will be 4 lessons in a span of 4 weeks, 1 week is cancelled hence only 3 lessons are given. Commission will still be based on 4 lessons and not 3.
iii) Any change in frequency or cancellation of the tuition must be reported to the coordinator, in the event of such change, Nanyang Academics reserves the right to adjust the commission liable.
iv) Any attempt to defraud Nanyang Academics or failure of commission payment will be referred to the Small Claims Tribunal.
v) Any discounts in commission will apply only upon completion of the stipulated amount of lessons in the first 4 weeks. Failing which, commission rates will be unchanged at 50%

5. Tutor Conduct and Professionalism

i) Tutors are expected to uphold the image of the teaching profession and to conduct themselves in a respectable and professional manner.
ii) Tutors are expected to act responsibly and notify the coordinator-in-charge or student if he or she is unable to make it for the lesson or if the tuition assignment is cancelled. They are also expected to be punctual for all tuition sessions.
iii) Tutors who give up or cancel on their assignments without a valid reason will have their fees revoked by Nanyang Academics Tuition. In such a scenario, the full fees will be paid to Nanyang Academics Tuition by the parent.

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