Parents & Students

Preparing for your O & N levels

With O & N levels around the corner, some of you might be feeling very confident, some of you might be feeling very nervous, while some might be feeling overwhelmed and lost. No matter what you ar

Getting value out of Tuition

There is hardly any parent who would want to take any risk when it comes to their child’s education, getting them to best schools, knowledge, information, as well as teachers. Despite so many co

Motivating your child!

Motivating Your Child ! Homework can be an important tool to help children review and practice the skills taught in school and can improve their learning. In addition, homework can help enhance c

How to excel in languages?

Would you like to be able to help? Most parents are concerned if their child seems to be falling behind with basic literacy skills, but many don't know what they can do to improve the situation. Yet t

Why MOE School Teachers?

We classify MOE school teachers as those who are 1. Current school teachers under MOE employment2. Former teachers who have left the teaching service and are giving tuition full-time no

The Junior College Years

Junior College life leading up to the  A Levels (JC 1 and JC 2) Below are the subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency offer for our JC students are: H1 GP - General Paper Tu

P1 to P3 Years

Lower Primary School Tuition (Primary 1, Primary 2, Primary 3)The subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency offer for our Lower Primary students are:•    English Tuition&

P4 to P6 (PSLE Preparation)

Upper Primary School Home Tuition (Primary 4 to 6).  This is where the curriculum for students are highly geared for the PSLE, some students might find it difficult to cope transitioning from P4

The Lower Secondary School Years

Lower Secondary School Home Tuition (Secondary 1 and Secondary 2)The subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition Agency offer for our Upper Primary students are:•    English Tuiti

The Upper Secondary School Years

Tuition for Upper Secondary School Home Tuition (Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Secondary 5). This are for students in the IP-stream, N & O'levels. The subjects that Nanyang Academics Home Tuition

Exam & Study Revision Techniques

Like an expedition, revision is something that needs to be approached with a strategy. Charging blindly ahead with all your might won’t do at all, for you’ll be liable to find yourself los

Getting that Improvement in Results

Every parent wants their child to improve within school. They want their child to be able to meet their current targets and also know how to move forward to improve and go beyond their current target

4 Steps to Finding the Right Tutor

Whether your child may have difficulty grasping mathematical formulas, be simply disinterested in the subject matter, or lost in a haze of grammatical errors, intervention is needed to avoid a poor sh

Phonics Tuition

Phonics Tuition The Singapore education system can be cut-throat. Starting from primary school, an intense form of competition is easily palpable, culminating in the notorious PSLE. In order to prepa

Online Tuition

  Concerns about Online Tuition   The current health pandemic of 2020 has disrupted the education of millions of children around the world. These disruptions will undoubtedly have kno


COMPUTING TUITION Processing the Importance of Computing In 2016, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg praised PM Lee Hsien Loong for being “one of the only world leaders who knows how to code&rdq

AEIS Tuition

ADMISSIONS EXERCISE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (AEIS) TUITION   Introduction to the AEIS Examinations Over the years, Singapore has become an increasingly popular destination for expatriates,



Empowering Your Tutees Learning

Encouraging tutees to contributeMany people can be nervous when learning in a one-on-one environment for the first time. It is critical to be patient with them, and build their confidence through enco


For Beginner Tutors

If you are a private tutor, we know how stimulating and rewarding this job can be so whether you provide private tuition on a part time or full time basis, we would like to offer you a few tips to hel


Preparing for your first lesson with your tutee!

So you’ve decided to start giving home tuition and you might be feeling a little unsure and nervous. Everyone starts off somewhere, and here is checklist compiled to help you get off to a great

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